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Goran Cobanovski is the embodiment hermes bags sale of the American dream.
Arrived in the United States in 2001 from Macedonia, no savings, he live in Chicago, within five years, he opened his own beauty salon, Goran Coban salon. Shallum his flagship location in downtown Chicago today employs 18 people.
"I don't think this is a business. Perhaps this is the most important. I consider myself an artist," he said. "Is that all my colleagues are very artistic person. It is more of an interesting environment for everyone, for me."
But absalom, 50 customers a day,hermes outlet this Angle can create some issues management and organization.
Carol Ross, "good morning America" brought a small business experts and host of small business school, Microsoft office Cobanovski lesson in the basic knowledge of enterprise handbags Microsoft is a sponsor "good morning America".
Lesson 1: how to keep a art staff inspiration and happy.
"You have to do is sit down with each of your employees. Because motives, not all people are for the same thing," he said. "Some of them may want to make more money, some people may want more recognition... you need to know, motivate your employees."
Second, don't be afraid to delegate responsibility,hermes replica Ross suggestion, but it is not "step down".
"Either you need to be in your business systems and processes in place, everyone so that you can follow these, let all of the smooth flow of some beautiful blowout, you were here. If you don't want to be yourself, you can also outsourcing. You can bring a manager to put these processes and systems," she said. "However, I will tell you, if you want to delegate responsibility, you can't give up your responsibility. Because in the end of the day, your name is on the door."

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hermes outlet Third, Cobanovski biggest worry,hermes birkin bags is the front desk management and scheduling appointments.
"We need to make a smooth process, we didn't get two customers at the same time for the appointment," he explains. "It is very simple, but it's not that simple."
Ross suggested to introduce a new application called reservation from Microsoft,hermes bags outlet the business part of the premium Office 365 suite, to help reduce the scheduling problem.
"You can do is have your front desk has a page, so that she can see all the time, timeslots to accommodate these easily, timeslots," Roth said. "But my favorite is, it is so easy from the point of view of the customer. It is a three-step process. So they choose their service, they choose the date and time. After that, they put all the details you need,hermes kelly bags including phone Numbers, publishing house of books with them." , it will take time, give their calendar to remind, the receptionist and then you can follow up and make sure it works. "
hermes birkin outlet Microsoft Cobanovski service for free to help support his small business.